What is SUCCESS Webchurch?

Success Webchurch is an internet-based special membership group of Success Christian Center that services people who want a more interactive and accountable online church experience.  Members of Success Webchurch are assigned a personal Webpastor and each Webpastor cares for a fellowship of 1 to 100 members.  Success Webchurch members have convenient access to their Webpastor via email, telephone, Skype, and Facebook.  Webpastors are in contact with their members every week.

Successs Webchurch is committed to covering their members in prayer, providing pastoral care, providing encouragement and training, and helping to mobilize church members into the work God has called them to do.  Every week members can connect to Success Christian Center’s live or archived broadcasts plus also receive a devotional message from Dr. Michael L. Mosley as well as other messages to help establish strong biblical foundations, as well as spiritual growth and acceleration.

Why join Success Webchurch?

Transition:  Many new or seasoned believers are not in fellowship because they have not yet been able to find the right congregation.  Success Webchurch offers believers a place to connect with a powerful Spirit-filled, metaphysical and prophetic fellowship while they find the right local church.

Location:  Many believers live in remote areas where travel to a local church is difficult or in communities where there is a lack of churches that believe in the prophetic and the metaphysical.  Some believers are in nations where it is not legal to congregate.  Others are not able to leave their home due to health issues or lack of transportation.  Success Webchurch helps these ones belong to a worldwide community of believers, receive prayer and pastoral support, and have access to fresh teaching of the Bible and prophetic ministry.

Work:  Some believers, due to work schedules, cannot attend traditional services on Sunday.  Success Webchurch offers “on demand” viewing each week so it suits everyone’s schedule in every time zone of the world.  Webpastors are able to connect with a member’s unique schedule.

Personal Pastoral Care:  Success Webchurch offers quality personal and relational pastoral care via Internet and phone as well as solid teaching on Kingdom values, Bible foundations, the Holy Spirit, the Glory and the Supernatural.

Connection:  Success Webchurch offers connection with a family of believers from across the world via social media and conference calls.

Prayer:  Success Webchurch offers strong prayer coverage for each member and their family.

Training:  Success Webchurch offers opportunities for training through online courses and webinars.

What does the webchurch look like?


Members of Success Webchurch are from all over the world.
Individuals choose to become members of the Success Webchurch family.
One Webpastor is assigned to pastor a fellowship group comprising of 1 to 100 members.
Webpastors and members of Webchurch House of Prayer (a powerful group of praying believers within the webchurch) are available to pray for Success Webchurch and its members.

Success Webchurch members apply to be members, agree to a small monthly membership fee (in honor of their pastor and leaders of Success Webchurch), and agree to the terms in the application process.

Webpastors respond to personal emails, questions, prayer requests, etc. They have a phone and/or skype line that their congregation can call at any time. Webpastors personally call each of their congregation at least once a month.

Throughout the year, opportunities are made available for Success Webchurch members to be trained through online teachings and webinars. Success Christian Center and MLM Ministries will be expanding Leadership and Ministry Training opportunities which will also be made available to Success Webchurch members. Our heart is to cultivate the nature and ministry of Christ in each webchurch member so that they will be equipped for every good work.

Success Webchurch members have a strong covering of love, faith, prayer, and dedication through the Success Webchurch Leadership Team.

Success Webchurch can immediately mobilize an army of intercessors through our world-wide church family via social media and pastor groups.

Success Webchurch engages in the mission outreaches of the larger ministry of Success Christian Center, encouraging expression of these outreaches by its members through media and on-ground opportunities.