Success Webchurch membership is $35 per month (approximately $1 per day) which is used to share in the covering of the following expenses:

  • Pastor’s salaries
  • Administration team salaries
  • Media costs – filming, editing, uploading, etc
  • IT support
  • Website services
  • Pastor’s cell phone expenses
  • Computer costs

How does an individual become a Success Webchurch member?

  •  Watch the Videos explaining the vision of Success Christian Center/ MLM Ministries
  • Be in agreement with our doctrinal statement and foundational values of the ministry as explained in the information above.
  • Complete the Membership Application Form and submit the monthly $35 membership fee.
  • Be willing to watch the Success Center broadcasts, the weekly video devotionals, and listening to the audio teachings that come via the email each week.
  • Be willing to build relationship with their assigned Webpastor through email interaction and occasional phone calls.
  • Be accepted and officially welcomed in writing by the Webchurch team.


To become a member of Success Webchurch complete both parts of the Membership Application Form.