Need Help from the Unseen Realm?

If you have a question, there is an answer!

Dr. Mosley has helped many people resolve relationship issues, release past hurts, revive dreams and goals, increase the flow of money in their life and even break curses and destroy spells that have been placed upon their lives.

You do not have to keep repeating the struggle. Call me now and allow a change to begin in your life!

With over 25 years of qualitative experience as a Prophet, Spiritual Teacher and a Professional Spiritual Practitioner, Dr. Michael Mosley can help you! You deserve peace of mind…NOW!!!

Prophetic consultations are private, one on one meetings, designed to give you Godly perspective and direction for your life, by bringing you a life changing Word of the Lord.  Private prophetic consultations are recorded and a copy of the consultation will be provided for you to keep.


Please Note…

Dr. Mosley will start the session by praying and prophesying over you. You can discuss this prophetic word or whatever you have in mind. These work best with people who are ready to move forward in their spiritual and natural journey, but might feel spiritually stagnated.

Dr. Mosley will pray for you as God directs, but please don’t expect Dr. Mosley to pray and prophesy for the entire session. You will need to have something to discuss or work on in addition to any prophetic ministry he provides.


Dr. Mosley’s appointments sell out fast. We now have a Waiting List feature if appointments are not available.

Fee: $150