Empowering others for personal, spiritual and professional breakthrough and success!

What is Intuitive Life Coaching?
As an Intuitive Life Coach, Dr. Mosley trains and encourages you to live the most fulfilling life possible while utilizing the gift of prophecy (special revelatory insights and words from the heart of God), inspired scriptures, and prayer in the coaching sessions.

The Gift of Prophecy
The gift of prophecy is the ability to receive inspired words from the heart of God unto edification, exhortation, and comfort. Sometimes the prophetic insights confirm and establish callings in the life of an individual but also can reveal potential callings that have not yet materialized. Often prophetic utterance calls things into being that as a result come into manifestation. Inspired prophecy can also sometimes reveal future events or plans that are on God’s agenda.

Who Are our Clients?

  • Those who desire to grow and have breakthrough in their personal faith, encounters with God, discernment and operation of their spiritual gifts and talents, and increase in biblical, spiritual understanding and experiences.
  • Those who want to launch into new beginnings and endeavors (personal, business, or ministry).
  • Those who long for a personal “tune-up” (weed out the problems, establish strong foundations, define and fortify gifts and strengths).
  • Those who desire to excel in building strong personal and business relationships and who want to receive building blocks to move beyond past hurts, betrayals, dysfunctional/co-dependent relationships and abuse.
  • Those who want to be coached and trained in keys to success and who long to make their dreams a reality.
  • Those who are looking for financial breakthrough, stability, and growth.
  • Those who feel “stuck” in life, spinning wheels, and going nowhere. They want to move forward but can’t seem to get there.
  • Those who are struggling with mid-life transition.
  • Those who want to be coached into health dynamics, weight loss, and developing new patterns for their physical well-being and grooming of outward appearance.
  • Those who are struggling with temptation, moral failure, guilt and shame and who long to put the past behind, receive healing and move forward into all God has for them.

We Are Committed To Helping Our Clients
1. Discover and obtain their God-appointed destiny and discovery of gifts and strengths.
2. Achieve fulfillment and success in life.
3. Receive empowerment for personal, spiritual, relational and professional breakthrough.
4. Build strong foundations for their futures through inspired instruction and insights.
5. Cultivate unshakable faith and unwavering hope through prophetic ministry and scriptural encouragement.

Our Commitment To You
1. We will esteem, honor, and respect you
2. We will listen to your heart.
3. We will not judge or condemn you.
4. We will speak the truth in love.
5. We will lovingly challenge you to higher ground.
6. We will impart valuable instruction, principles and values for your success.
7. We will help you overcome obstacles in your life.
8. We will pray for you.
9. We will minister prophetically to you.
10. We will love you.

Coaching on Demand Fee: $300
Other Coaching Packages Available – Call 916-467-4448