Dr. Michael L. Mosley…

Born and reared in Houston, Texas, Dr. Michael L. Mosley showed great skills academically and spiritually. He was very much dedicated to understanding the realm of religion and the spiritual teachings of Jesus. While attending his home church of Emmanuel Church of God in Christ, the pastor took notice of the in depth learning of Michael and requested he join the Sunday School teaching staff and began teaching his own peers at the age of 13!

Dr. Mosley also began to illustrate his creative talents in the realm of music as a teenager. His musical talent allowed him to study and sing opera, classical and jazz at the private and prestigious High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas. He also studied piano and became the Choral Director and Trainer for his church choir. In 1988, Dr. Mosley recorded and received a Gold Album from Adoration Records of out Nashville, TN.

In the midst of an already hectic schedule, Dr. Mosley became a distinguish radio personality in Texas. Starting at the age of 13, he was chosen to study radio at Texas Southern University, and quickly developed the skills that afforded him to be licensed one year later. Due to his love of Gospel music, he was one of the youngest Gospel radio announcers in America. He was later recruited to work for other stations in Houston, including KWWJ, KTSU, and KYOK. By the age of 24, Dr. Mosley had already worked and advanced in several jobs in radio including radio announcer, music director, program director and even station manager of KSSQ Radio in Conroe, TX.

While working in radio, Dr. Mosley began to notice a supernatural ability of having strong visions and feelings regarding future events. Not sure of what was happening; he would keep these occurrences a secret. While attending seminary, Dr. Mosley also conducted private studies about what he would later learned was the prophetic/intuitive abilities.   On the night of his “divine calling” to operate in Spoken Word Ministry, Dr. Mosley was informed by the voice of an angel that there would be a death very soon and a few weeks later, there was the untimely death of his grandmother. Later, while in family prayer with his sister, Dr. Mosley predicted to her and her husband, who was having difficulty in conceiving children, that within one year she would conceive a child. Though medically impossible at the time, due to a previous bodily condition, his sister did conceive in exactly one year.

Along with being an Intuitive Life Coach and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Michael L. Mosley has been labeled by his peers as a Master Prophet/ Psychic and one of the most innovative Spiritual Teachers of our time! He has shared his teachings and prophetic insights with thousands via radio, television, conferences and seminars. For over 25 years, He has inspired the lives of many, including pastors, professional and political leaders! His psychic abilities have afforded him to be featured around the country and cause him to become a published author, “Successful Insights through Prophetic Revelations!”

Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, recording artist Annilia Mosley, and enjoying being a father to his six children, Dr. Mosley remains an avid student of Spiritual Truths!